Friday, January 1, 2016


(Delightful Greetings, Notebook Basic Die)

(Delightful Greetings)

Tara was an awesome guest!  I hope you enjoyed her creativity as much as we did.
Thank you sooo much for being so wonderful Tara!!
(Boom Bots stamps and dies)

)Flag Tag die, File Folders die, Green Acres stamps/dies, Uplifters, Silver & Gold)

(Friend Word die, Silver & Gold)

George Lucas built his $4 Billion ‘Star Wars’ empire by accepting a salary of $125K instead of $1M in the first Star Wars movie, but keeping the right to direct sequels and licensing (sell toys, posters, T-shirt, etc.)

xo Kim


  1. I've never seen paint stroke dies--how wonderful! Great cards!

  2. HAPPY New Year EVERYONE!!!
    Hope it is filled with FUN & CREATIVE adventures :)

  3. Beautiful creations - those paint strokes are wonderful!


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