Saturday, February 27, 2016


Happy Saturday!

The following products will be available at 8:00pm pacific time on February 29th.

From this group...what is your favorite?

Swag Die

Mom Word Dies


March 2016 TAM stamp set

TAM = Thanks A Million

This clear 4 x 6 stamp set is FREE with every
$60. retail order placed from
February 29th (at 8:00pm PT) through March 31st (at 8:00pm PT)
(based on subtotal after any coupons or discounts)

This stamp set will automatically be added to qualifying orders. 
 (This promotion does not require a code and you will not see it in your cart)

This stamp set is also available to purchase.

Precious Mom

Elephants can tell your ethnicity by listening to your voice, sniffing out your scent and even recognizing your clothing. This allows them to avoid humans who have regular conflicts with elephants.



  1. I ADORE Precious Mom!!!
    ... especially THRILLED to see Mum in there :)

  2. Adorable, would love to see MiMi at some point. I know there is a lot of them out there.

  3. My favorite from the group is the Precious Mom set.

  4. I love the Swag die. It'll be a fun accent on cards. Thank you for a fun release, you and your team are awesome.

  5. I love the swag die! So unique and lots of ideas come to mind. Super sweet TAM set too.

  6. I love the swag die---so unique and fun! And the TAM set is awesome too!!

  7. My favorite is the swag die. I could have a lot of fun with that one.

  8. This time I'm voting with the majority. Just love that swag die. :)

  9. It's a huge toss up for me between the Mom dies and the Precious Mom stamp set...I think they are both fantastic!

  10. You can never have too many Mom dies or stamps. Love the script on these.

  11. My favorite is the Mom stamp set--very versatile!Love the dies too.

  12. These are all amazing! The Mom dies are super cute!

  13. I love the Precious Mon stamp set. This would be perfect for my Mom. She had 8 children and is 87. I could make her such a heartfelt card with this.

  14. My first pick is the Swag die, but the fonts in the Precious Mom stamp set are so amazing!

  15. Swag die it is, but I love them all. I particularly like that you included the "Step" in Precious Mom. Not all Step Mom's are wicked after all, and those of us that are fabulous, kind and loving REALLY appreciate being in the Precious category!


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