Thursday, September 15, 2016

Paper Smooches - PS Patrol - SEPTEMBER 2016

Today is PS Patrol Day!
Check out this amazing talent!

eeeek!  The colors - the patterns - the layers - the dimension!!
This card is gorgeous and I just love the balance of color and B/W :)

What a darling baby announcement :)
The hippo looks so happy to announce the news!
I love the stamped flower background.
This is a really clever card

Francesca Vignoli
I LOVE this color combo!
Those snowman look so dang cute all bounced around this card.
This card has great design and balance <3

Oh Em Gee - what amazing masking!!
I love these silly stacked characters :)
Her coloring is fabulous and this card woudl surely make anyone smile - BIG!

Awww, how sweet!
This pretty girl is a beautiful accent to the sweet sentiment.
I LOVE this design...every inch of it :)

THANK YOU all for creating such delightful cards for us to show off and share.
We adore you!!
Towers in New York can fake and exaggerate how many floors they have, using tricks like different sets of elevators to hide the missing floors.

love ya!


  1. Yippie!! Thank you so much for featuring my card here, Kim!! Really, made my day!! :D

  2. Congratulations to all the creators "spotted!" What talent PS fans have -- groovy award!!!!

  3. thank u soo much for choosing my card! Love creating with PS happy stuff!! :)


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