Friday, October 7, 2016


(Leaves 2 Dies)

(Thanksgiving Dies)

There’s a team of NASA scientists who’ve been pretending they’re on Mars for nearly a year. They live and work in a dome on the side of a Hawaiian volcano and only go out in spacesuits.

xo Kim


  1. wow! Pamela and Alice, these are beautiful!

  2. Eeep these are so gorgeous!!!! Way to go ladies! And I live on the volcano the astronauts train on, cool huh? It's called Mauna Loa (mawna low-uh) and is around 14,000 feet high. We get snow on it and Mauna Kea (where all the telescopes are) on both these enormous mountains here on Big Island! With aloha and love, Rosy ♥

  3. Wow! LOVE the new dies and stamps! I so have to place an order soon :-)
    And your inspiration cards are amazing!


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