Thursday, October 13, 2016

Paper Smooches - PS Patrol - OCTOBER 2016

PS PATROL time - yay!
Check out this awesomeness....
Oh my goodness...I LOVE her coloring!!
The colors are warm and super cute <3
...and her design - perfect!

LOVELY is the first word to come to my mind.  I adore this pretty creation oh sooo much!!

Happy snowman - what's not to love?
I love the cool colors and fun winter scene.

Michelle stamped a gorgeous background - it remind me of fabric.
I love the coloring and adds so much interest - swoon!

eeeek!  That fabric coming out from the sewing machine - LOVE to pieces!!
I LOVE the color combo, design and patterns
smiling BIG!

THANK YOU all for sharing your Paper Smooches creations all over the web.  
I always look forward to seeing what you all create.  
You make me smile so huge.

There was a movie from 2006 called Zyzzyx Road which starred Katherine Heigl. It had a budget of $1.2 million and earned just $30 at the box office. Wikipedia has a list of lowest-grossing movies in history.

hugs and smooches,


  1. Yippie!! Thank you so much for featuring my card here, Kim!! Its great to be featured among such amazing card makers..and such gorgeous cards!!

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  3. aww thank you so much for featuring my card... I am so glad that you liked it. It was fun to make. All of these cards are so awesome.

  4. Thanks Kim! So happy to be in the company of talented ladies!

  5. very beautiful card,thanks for sharing this article kim.

    Best Mcx Service

  6. Thanks for featuring my card Kim :) Great projects from the ladies too, awesome cards

  7. Wow what winning designs!!!! You all should be proud! I'm digging on the "material" in the sewing machine - brilliant! Congratulations to each one of you all star PS gals!

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