Friday, March 24, 2017


(Huge Hugs 2, Hearts Dies, Super 2 Dies)

Two con men sold a fake painting for €1.5 million, only to find out that all the 
money was counterfeit.

Thanks so much for making us  apart of your day
x Kim


  1. Hah, these are so darling!!!! I love the vertical whales and your monstersaurus thingey. He reminds me of King Kong with the cityscape so small behind him. The backgrounds are awesome!!! (Love the fun fact too)
    (I've been having trouble commenting thru Google browser. This is Firefox and it works)

  2. Pure cute! I just ordered Cats/dogs and the Dino! Perfect for all the nieces and nephews! Now I am thinking I may need a whale too!

  3. Cute cards. As to the fun facts....serves 'em right, I say! :)

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