Wednesday, March 29, 2017


I have an announcement to make...

Our super cute Kalyn is stepping down from the team.  She was recently engaged and is completing her graduate degree soon.  We wish her all the best.  I have truly enjoyed having her in our stampy family and boy will I miss her (she has been with us since almost the beginning of Paper Smooches)  Love you Kalyn!

Her replacement is the very talented Karin Akesdotter.  Karin was on our SPARKS challenge team and I have always been a HUGE fan of her and her creativity.  I know we are all in for a treat!!

(Huge Hugs 2)

This is Heidi's last week as our guest - boo!
Check out her super fun card...
(Huge Hugs stamps and dies, Huge Hugs 2, Celebrate Balloons Dies, Birthday Bash)

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xx Kim


  1. SQUEAL!! CONGRATS to both Kalyn and Karin!! =) Kalyn BEST of WISHES for ALL that is going on in your Life!! Karin SO EXCITED for you and LOOK forward to seeing what you create!! Have a FABULOUS WEEK!! <3 <3 <3

  2. Best of luck to Kalyn and Congrats to Karin!

  3. Super cute cards!
    Best wishes to Kalyn! Congrats to Karin!

  4. All the best to Kalyn...will miss you. Welcome to Karin...she has amazing talent and I am excited to see her work here.


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