Wednesday, March 8, 2017


(Hearts Dies, Critter Card Puns)

We are excited that Heidi Randazzo is joining is this month as our guest.
Check out her adorable cards!!
 (Bunny Card Die, Critter Card Puns)

(Think Fast, Dinosaur Die)

Before blood glucose tests were available, doctors would taste the urine of their patients to diagnose Diabetes. A sweet taste meant the patient was diabetic.

xoxo Kim


  1. Both cards are adorable, but that bunny really steals the show. Love that!!

  2. "Toadally" awesome cards Kim.
    BTW, Dr.'s MUST have strong stomach's! LOL

  3. Ack these are so sweet and adorable!!!! I love them! Oh, and the doctors "assigned the task of urine sipping" to their nurses. It wasn't until one day when a urine sample was left out and a trail of "hungry" ants were filing into the cup that they realized they didn't have to sip urine anymore lol!!!! Let's have the ants do it (thank heaven) - signed, an RN


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