Friday, March 31, 2017

Winner-March "GREEN" challenge

Hello friends:)

**Click HERE for the April Blog Hop and GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!!!! 

It's Savannah O'Gwynn sharing our March winner and featured players! I'm so excited to stop by your blogs this weekend- I love reading about your creations and where you found inspiration! Plus, I'm always blown away by your creativity and projects ❤️

I'm so thankful for all of our players- I really wish I could feature everyone! We had so many players this time around--- THANK YOU! Be sure to check out the gallery HERE, as well as Nicole's bible journaling page (LOVE), Corinna's leprechaun (with flower soft for his beard!! ACK! Adorable!), Colleen's all green card (oh my! I am in love- green everywhere),  and Jean's elephant (amazing coloring)!

Congrats to our featured players:
CeCe (Age 6, she created a video!!!!! Please go watch her video HERE- it's adorable!)
Kimberly (Totally jealous of her coloring skills- and this card design! Genius!)
Tarjeta (Love the soft green-- any shade of green is my fav!)
Violet Rose (She doesn't like green! GET OUT! Great detail on this die cut sentiment!)
Pretti (Oh my! Black, white, and a hint of green- perfect!)

And a HUGE congrats to our winner, Sue Reynolds!!!!!!!!!! I don't drink coffee... but a rainbow coffee with a pot of gold... sign me up! I'll drink five of these:)
 Please email {savannahland2 at comcast dot net} to receive your badge and $50 gift certificate to the Paper Smooches store! 

THANKS to all who joined in the fun!

Our April 2017 challenge starts TOMORROW... it's all about SHOWERS!

ANY shower- think baby shower, wedding shower, rain shower, rainbows with clouds and rain... anything that has to do with showers!!!!!!! The saying goes, "April showers bring May flowers". But we will accept ANY shower creation! 🌧

We hope to inspire you to get crafty with our PS products, and we would love it if you join in the fun!!!

Thanks so much for stopping by! Be blessed:) 
Tons of love, Sav 


  1. Congrats everyone! Great job - I saw all the creations and they were beautiful!! Looking forward to your April Showers challenge ♥

  2. Congratulations to all the winners! Tough competition this time around :o) I had so much fun creating my video for this challenge, will definitely try again next month :o) x, D

  3. Aww, thank you so much for mentioning my Bible Journaling page. So happy you liked it! Looking forward to the next challenge. paper Smooches rocks!
    Have a happy day!

  4. Wonderful cards and love the rainbow coffee!

  5. Congrats to all!! FABULOUS projects!!

  6. Congrats to all the featured players and the winner!! What a fun challenge! Thank you all for the wonderful inspirations!!

  7. awesome creations!! thanks a bunch for featuring my card :) yay!!

  8. BEAUTIFUL cards- Congrats to winners!! Love all the inspiration in this gallery!


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