Wednesday, June 14, 2017


(Kindness Sampler)

Marcie Sharp is our guest designer and she created this beautiful card for us this week.  
Unfortunately her package still hasn't arrived in Canada.  (the package that contains all of our new stamps and dies)  I wish I knew what was going on, I have had quite a few customers in Canada with super delayed packages.  Sigh
(Best Buds, Chit Chit)

A Naked Mole Rat can survive up-to 18 minutes without oxygen by dropping its heart rate and switching to fructose based anaerobic respiration.

xo Kim


  1. Well these two cards are very pretty and I love the backgrounds for both! The first one is so sparkly and the second is so soft, watercolor-y! Love all of your flowers, like a garden today!

  2. wow! such pretty cards :) love the beautiful floral elements.

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