Wednesday, December 13, 2017


(Wine Dies)

Lisa Bzibziak is our guest and she created this super adorable snowman card!
His head is tipped back to drink the last drop of coffee (or hot chocolate maybe?)
Cuteness overload!
(Snowflakes Dies, Coffee & Tea Dies, Snowman card Dies, Cool Dudes stamps and dies)

The Slinky was invented by accident, when a Mechanical Engineer was working to devise springs that could keep sensitive ship equipment steady at sea. After accidentally knocking some samples off a shelf, he watched in amazement as they gracefully “walked” down instead of falling.

xo Kim


  1. What fabulous cards, I especially love Lisa's clever design :)

  2. This is so adorable!! Good to the last drop <3

  3. That Lisa is just soooo creative! Loving her design. It's a LOL for sure! The wine o'clock is quite unique and fun as well!


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