Wednesday, September 5, 2018


(Delightful Greetings stamps; Postage Stamp dies; Silhouette Flowers dies)

The two founders of Pizza Hut sold the business to Pepsi in 1977, and one of the founders then became a prolific Papa John’s franchisee, owning 133 locations by the year 2001. During legal struggles with Pizza Hut in the late 1990s, Papa John’s ran commercial advertisements highlighting the fact, including a dramatization showing Frank Carney [the founder] coming to a Pizza Hut stockholders’ meeting wearing a Papa John’s apron, saying, “Sorry, guys. I found a better pizza.”


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  1. I love your fun facts. I read your blog every day and in addition to amazing cards, you have these interesting facts. While working, I had to come up with an inspirational quote every day for the office daily bulletin and it was not easy. Way to go Kim!

    PS Little Caesars is the best pizza!


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