Saturday, March 2, 2019


Stamps: Falling For You, So Fairy Cute, Pineapple Crush

Dies: Flaunters, Hello Words

Willie, a parrot, alerted its owner, Megan Howard, when the toddler she was babysitting began to choke. Megan was in the bathroom, the parrot began screaming “mama, baby” while flapping its wings as the child turned blue. Megan rushed over and performed the Heimlich, saving the girls life.

xo Kim


  1. I love those added google eyes - cool TFS

  2. How CUTE, Alice! It's like 3 spotlights on 3 darling critters! Yes, the googly eyes brought me here, but so did the parrot that saved the little girl ♥ I love those Fun Facts, Kim :*


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